My current work represents the expressionist landscape and my love of the textures of earth air and water. Born of intimate plein air studies that bear the torch for my larger oil and encaustic paintings. Working in plein air allows me to interface with the natural world first hand. This begins a dialog with the work that I bring back to the studio to explore. My goal is to translate the emotional experience I have with nature, to portray it as the precious gift we were given and have the responsibility to protect.
After the recent death of my youngest son I was struck with the urge to be more expansive with my work. I am just beginning to explore what impact this will have on my work. To explore the possibilities of a positive backlash to ultimate loss has many meanings for my. Impacts on the environment, the community, and the personal are felt through losses of all kinds. I am growing my painting vocabulary with larger canvases and a thoughtful series that speaks to the search, the seeds found, the pearls created through incubation of thought and abstraction of image. In this journey I seek the silver lining.